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The 2014 3x10 Summer Walking Challenge is open to all faculty and staff (undergrad and grad students are permitted to enroll). Please follow these steps to complete your registration.

STEP 1: Complete the participant information form.
Online Form

STEP 2: Sign and return the informed consent form in person to the ERC Member Services desk or via campus  mail to the address below. PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRONIC OR FAXED CONSENT FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
Informed Consent Form


Kristin Legg, Program Coordinator

Kristin Legg
Campus Recreation Services
1115 Eppley Recreation Center
College Park, MD 20742

  • Participants must be currently employed UMD faculty/staff or graduate students.
  • Participants must register for the program by filling out the online form here.
  • Participants may register at anytime May 26th-June 13th; the challenge begins June 9th.
  • Participants must read and sign the 3x10 Release and Informed Consent Statement prior to earning any points. The Informed Consent can be downloaded here then sent via campus mail to Kristin Legg (1115 Eppley Recreation Center). PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRONIC OR FAXED CONSENT FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Participants may walk anywhere, any day, anytime. Just keep track of daily accrued walking minutes and points. For the purposes of this challenge, only walking/ running (outdoors or indoors on a machine) will be counted.
  • Participants must submit weekly point totals form emailed to them on Mondays at 9am.
  • Failure to fill out point forms by Wednesday at 9am will result in a forfeit of that week’s points.
  • The program ends at 11:59pm on August 17th. Winners will be announced via email on August 21st.
  • Requests for rule exceptions must be presented to the program coordinator, Kristin Legg at Her ruling will be final.

Week #

Walking Dates

Report Date


June 9th-June 15th

June 16th


June 16th-June 22nd

June 23rd


June 23rd- June 29th

June 30th


June 30th - July 6th

July 7th


July 7th- July 13th

July 14th


July 14th- July 20th

July 21st


July 21st - July 27th

July 28th


July 28th- August 3rd

August 4th


August 4th- August 10th

August 11th


August 11th- August 17th

August 18th

  • 1 point will be awarded for each 10 minutes of walking.
  • Individuals must have walked a minimum of two 10-minute segments per day (20 minutes total) for your time to count.
  • A maximum of 6 points will be awarded per day (60 minutes).
  • Participants must submit weekly point totals form emailed to them on Mondays at 9am.
  • Failure to fill out point forms by Wednesday at 9am will result in a forfeit of that week’s points
  • Participation in CRS activities, including the use of facilities and equipment is completely voluntary. There are risks and hazards, minor and serious, associated with participation in fitness activities. Participants voluntarily assume all responsibility and risk of loss, damage, illness, and/or injury to person or property associated with the participation in the 3x10 Summer Walking Challenge program.
  • Participants are advised to check with a medical professional before starting any exercise program.
  • Walkers will not be directly supervised. If walking in a CRS facility, illness or injury should be reported to the CRS staff member on duty in that facility.
  • Participants are encouraged to dress appropriately and drink water before, during and after exercise.

  • Individuals earning at least 120 points: will receive recognition on the Campus Recreation Services website and a certificate of achievement
  • Individuals earning at least 150 points: will be entered into a drawing for a University Health Center massage and Personal Training 5-session package
  • Individuals earning at least 180 points: will be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize and Personal Training 5 session package

Note: To redeem CRS Personal Training package, you must enroll in a SPH Limited Access Membership (complimentary for faculty/staff) or be a CRS Member. Those with a limited access membership can only receive personal training at SPH 0101 Fitness Center.

Congratulations to all participants in the 2014 Summer Walking Challenge who earned at least 120 points!

Our two prize winners were randomly selected from those individuals who earned at least 150 and 180 points.

  • Marci Deloatch (378 points) from BSOS – African American Studies: University Health Center massage and a 5-session personal training package
  • Jon Hoffman (420 points) from ARHU – Communication: Grand Prize - Fit Bit and a 5-session personal training package
  • Selamawit Abebe
  • Amy Alexander
  • Takilla Benton
  • Denise Best
  • Jenna Bishop
  • Amanda Bogdan
  • James Bond
  • Takeia Bradley
  • Melissa Brennan
  • Laurie Brogdon
  • Angela Brownlee
  • Elizabeth Caringola
  • Krystle Chick
  • Alisha Childress
  • Christina Chiles
  • Doris Climes 
  • Tiffane Cochran
  • Noah Collins
  • Evelyn Cooper
  • Rebecca Copeland
  • Erin Crabb
  • Lyn Culver
  • Danielle Curtis
  • Jen Daszczyszak
  • Stephanie David
  • Marci Deloatch
  • Debbie Densmore
  • Karin DeOrnellas
  • Michelle DeOrnellas
  • John DeOrnellas
  • Susan DePlatchett
  • Lynne DiBastiani
  • Lori Dominick
  • Kathy Dow-Burger
  • Ciara Dubik
  • Christine Duchouquette
  • Wallace Eddy
  • Chamika Ellis
  • John English
  • Carolina Ethridge
  • Sharon Fabricante
  • Ingrid Farrell
  • Rex Fitch
  • Adrianne Flynn
  • Elizabeth Folsom
  • Jill Frankenfield
  • Chung Fu
  • Rebecca Gerken
  • Kristin Gifford
  • Stephanie Goodwin
  • Bernadette Gormally
  • Rodrigo Gutierrez
  • T. Starr Harper-Hicks
  • Monica Harrison
  • Emily Hartz
  • Anise Henry
  • Russell Henry
  • Aileen Hentz
  • Vickie Hill
  • Venus Hill
  • Clara Hill
  • Jon Hoffman
  • Courtney Hoffmann
  • Nicole Hollywood
  • Mary    Holt
  • Dustin Humbert
  • Margaret Jeffers
  • Jodell Johnson
  • Rosalie Jones
  • Hana Kabashi
  • Naliyah    Kaya
  • Judi Kidd
  • Donna King
  • Sabrina Kramer
  • Suzanne LAmoureux
  • Jenny Lang
  • Crystal Lantz
  • Tanisha Lee
  • Kenneth Leonard
  • Yvette Lerma
  • Xuan Li
  • Allison Lilly
  • Yen Lin
  • Simone Livingston
  • Isabel Lloyd
  • Gertrude Logan-Boyce
  • Ting Ma
  • Carolina Marques dos Santos Vieira
  • Suzanne Martin
  • Abby Massey
  • Amanda May
  • Laura McGratgh
  • Aubrey McLaughlin
  • Linda Mechak
  • Erica Merson
  • Mark Miller
  • Fuller Ming
  • John    Mohler
  • Sara    Moran
  • Taylor    Morris
  • Isabella    Moulton
  • John    Mozingo
  • Deborah Nelson
  • Beth Newman
  • Cheryl Nicholas
  • Christine  O'Brien
  • Dianne  O'Leary
  • Dave Ottalini
  • Dorothy  Parnian
  • Clarence  Patterson
  • John Pease
  • Veronica Perrigan
  • Soren Peterson
  • Leona Peterson Naude
  • Lori Petterson
  • Brandee Pettus
  • Jennifer Precht
  • Michele Preston
  • Sherrell Purnell
  • Li Ren
  • Winona Roach
  • Erin Saddler
  • Heidi Sauber
  • Harry Schrecengost
  • Carmen Shamwell
  • Lijuan Shi
  • Marcia Shofner
  • Erica Simpkins
  • Kristan Skendall
  • Josiland Sledge
  • Cheryl Sliter
  • Brooke Smith
  • Paige Smith
  • Chardonnay Snowden
  • Joel Solorzano
  • Gina Standard
  • John Stevenson
  • Kathleen Stone
  • Michelle Strange
  • Mary Kate Sullivan
  • Vanessa Taft
  • Maria Tana
  • Deborah  Thompson
  • Laura Thorsen
  • Sandra Ticas
  • Mark Van Pelt
  • Robert Vechery
  • Natalie Vinski
  • Michael Vivian
  • Anna Waller
  • Kathryn Weiland
  • Emily Weir
  • Cassandra Wierzbolowicz
  • James Williams
  • Dionne Williams
  • Frances Woods-Suku
  • Fan Wu
  • Etsuko Yamakita
  • Jun Yang
  • Sarah Yun