Saturday, November 22, 2014
College Park, MD (Fair / 45.0 F)
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All fitness classes are canceled after 1pm on Wednesday through Sunday. Classes resume as scheduled on Monday.
Wednesday, November 26
  ERC 6a-8p; Ritchie 6a-6p; SPH0101 6a-6:30p
Thursday, November 27
  all facilities are closed
Friday, November 28 and Saturday, November 29
  ERC 8a-6p
Sunday, November 30  ERC 10a-midnight


The University of Maryland Health Center has confirmed cases of viral meningitis and viral syndromes on campus. Follow these guidelines to help prevent spread of the infection.



CALL 301.314.5454 for the latest facility hours and closures.

Rental Contact

Please direct all facility rental questions to or (301) 226-4404.  All formal requests should be submitted using Virtual EMS.

Virtual EMS - Facility Reservation Request


University of Maryland's state-of-art Natatorium

Located in the Eppley Recreation Center, the Natatorium features a instructional pool, a competition pool, diving boards, a steam-room and a sauna.

The instructional pool is a 25yd x 25yd pool with a zero-grade handicap ramp. The depths range from 3 to 4 1/2 ft. Temperature is maintained between 85 and 86 degrees, except during events.

The competition pool is a 50m x 25yd all deep-water pool. This pool also has two 1m diving boards and two 3m diving boards. The depths range from 8 feet to 13 1/2 feet. Temperature is maintained between 78-80 degrees year round.

The Natatorium is home to UMAC, University of Maryland Aquatic Club.

Outdoor Aquatic Center

The OAC is located adjacent to the ERC.

The Outdoor Aquatic Center features a recreational pool, a splash pool, vast deck space with deck and lounge chairs, and women's and men's locker rooms. The recreational pool dimensions are 25yd x 25m and ranges in depth from 3 1/2 to 13ft. This pool also has one 1m diving board. The splash pool is 40ft in diameter and goes from 1 to 2 1/2 ft deep. Its outstanding feature is a cascading mushroom fountain at the center.

OAC Hours of Operation
CLOSED until the end of April (Maryland Day)

Summer Semester
Sunday-Saturday 11a-8p

Outdoor Aquatic Center Weather Policies

The Outdoor Aquatic Center will open if the air temperature is forecasted to be 65 degrees or higher for the day.
The Weather Channel ( will be used for determining forecast and temperature.
Pools will close for 30 minutes and reopen 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder.  Pools will be cleared and patrons can remain on deck.
Pools will close for 30 minutes and reopen 30 minutes after last bolt of lightning. All staff and patrons should exit the deck and seek shelter in the OAC locker rooms or the ERC. DO NOT USE THE SHOWERS!
Pools will remain open as long as main drains are visible from lifeguard stand
After hearing the tornado sirens, quickly evacuate to the ERC basement (by Equipment Issue). Patrons are strongly encouraged to go inside the ERC but are not required and may leave on their own recognizance.